Notes on Skills

Agility (Kinematics) Skills

Gunnery. Mounted weapons; Targeting computers.

Pilot (Planetary). Pilot through hazardous conditions; Operate failing vehicle; Decipher foreign controls; Race against opponent; Chase quarry; Lose tail.

Pilot (Space). Pilot through hazardous conditions; Operate failing vehicle; Decipher foreign controls; Race against opponent; Chase quarry; Lose tail; Gain the advantage.

Agility (Marksmanship) Skills

Ranged (Heavy). Two-handed weapons.

Ranged (Light). One-handed weapons; Grenades.

Agility (Nimbleness) Skills

Coordination. Balance; Fall; Walk tightrope; Escape restraints; Pass through crawlspaces; Acrobatics & reflexes.

Stealth. Avoid notice (sneak, insertion, espionage, camouflage); Shadow target; Hide (object).

Brawn (Constitution) Skills

Athletics. Climbing (rappelling, swinging); Swimming; Jumping; Running; Lifting.

Resilience. Remain awake; Resist toxin; Endure environs; Overcome dehydration & malnutrition; Stamina & fortitude.

Soak. TBD

Cybernetics Cap. TBD

Soak Value. TBD

Brawn (Strength) Skills

Brawl. Unarmed combat.

Lightsaber. TBD

Melee. Hand-to-hand weapons.

Wound Threshold. TBD

Encum. Threshold. TBD

Cunning Skills

Deception. Persuade w/ falsehood; Mislead re: value; Distract w/guile; Evade pursuit w/ false trail; Gambling (bluffing); Con.

Perception. Passive sensory awareness; Notice detail; Surveillance; Detect trap; Search; Operate sensors; Oppose stealth, skullduggery.

Skullduggery. Pick locks & pockets; Break in & out; Sleight of hand; Disguise; Set, detect, remove traps; Avoid security; Determine security vulnerability; Gambling (cheating); Forgery.

Streetwise. Access underworld; Find black market merchant; Understand threats & opportunities.

Survival. Find food, water, & shelter; Detect threats & opportunities; Forecast & prepare for weather; Track quarry; Handle animals; Ride beasts.

Intellect (Applied Arts) Skills

Outer Rim. Locate resource; Determine markets for (and legality of) specific cargos; Know social mores.

Underworld. Know criminal organizations; Determine locations for specific types of illegal business; Know methods for criminal activities.

Intellect (Bio-Sciences) Skills

Xenology. Know alien species’ customs, motivations, biology, philosophies; Know species’ weaknesses & how to help (medicine) or harm; Know species’ environmental & nutritional needs.

Mid Regions. TBD

Cybernetics. TBD

Intellect (Engineering) Skills

Astrogation. Program jump; Geography (recognize nearby systems); Determine coordinates; Hyper-lanes (know routes, ships, commerce); Plan logistics.

Computers. Communication; Repair; Slicing; Defense vs. slicing; Maintenance; Bypass security; Operate machinery (elevator); Search for data; Decryption; Interpret data structure & links; Programming; Recover data; Detect slicing.

Mechanics. Diagnose damage; Determine needed tools & time; Repair; Build device; Demolitions & sabotage.

Medicine. First aid; Med-pac use; Treat/use poisons/drugs; Diagnose/treat disease/infection; Serious treatments.

Intellect (Humanities) Skills

Education. Know math, science, engineering, philosophy, politics, history, cultures; Interact w/ government; Apply science.

Core Worlds. Determine target’s home world; Etiquette; Know markets for (and legality of) specific cargos.

Lore. Decipher or contextualize writing; know legends, ancient history.

Warfare. Know strategies, tactics, technologies, structures, histories, facts.

Intellect (Physical Sci.) Skills

Wild Regions. TBD

Presence (Charisma) Skills

Charm. Persuading for exceptions; Appealing for aid; Seducing.

Leadership. Instill trust; Command; Sway crowd; Rally demoralized allies; Regain loyalty.

Negotiate. Bargain price; Settle terms of agreements; Operate Com; Oppose negotiation.

Presence (Mindfulness) Skills

Cool. Initiative (prepared); Time when to spring trap; Triage; Stay calm; Sense motive; Oppose charm, negotiation; Gamble (w/o bluffing).

Willpower Skills

Coercion. Threaten; Interrogate; Intimidate; Persuade with force; Torture.

Discipline. Morale check; Fear check; Resist temptation (too good business deal); Evaluate validity; Apply will; Oppose coercion, deception, leadership; Develop Force abilities.

Strain Threshold. TBD

Vigilance. Initiative (unprepared); Alertness; Preparedness; Self-assuredness; Determine gear availability.

Notes on Skills

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