The Forces serving Prince Rama Khan


Commander Mot (O-3)

Commanding officer


Lt. Commander Davidson (O-4)

Ground Squad Major, Gozanti First Mate & Pilot

First Lieutenant Harley (O-5)

Ground Squad Captain, Gozanti navigator

Force Pike

Second Lieutenant Hildebrand (O-6)

Ground Squad Lieutenant, Gozanti Mid-Ship/Ops

General Purpose Scanner

Warrant Officers


Warrant Officer Honda (W-1)

Gozanti Chief Engineer, RTT Driver

Data file

Master CPO Triumph (W-2)

Ground Squad Sergeant Major, 1st Load-master (Gozanti)

Senior CPO Wolfm├╝ller (W-3)

2nd (RTT) Load-master

Ion blaster

Chief Petty Officer Butler (W-4)

Ground Squad Master Sergeant, AT-PT Driver, Gozanti Chief Gunner

Staff Sergeant Daimler (W-5)

Ground Squad Sergeant, AT-PT Driver, Gozanti Master Gunner

Staff Petty Officer Michaux (W-6)

RTT Gunner, Gozanti senior gunner

Petty Officer Perreaux (G-1)

Gozanti Gunner and Marine

Petty Officer Roper (G-2)

Gozanti Gunner and Marine

Petty Officer Excelsior (G-3)

Gozanti Gunner and Marine

Field Agents



Metz (C-1), Enfield (C-2), Birmingham (C-3)

Demolition Expert, Forensics Specialist, Medic

3 grenades, forensics kit, 8 med-paks


Indian (P-1), Guzzi (P-2), Hero (P-3)

Droid Crew

CII8 Load-lifters


L1-CII8, L2-CII8, L3-CII8, L4-CII8, L5-CII8, L6-CII8

The Forces serving Prince Rama Khan

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