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This page provides links to the pages in the Karnstein Kronicles wiki. The wiki pages are organized according to the type of content (Crunch, Fluff, Stats, Resources) and the source of the content (Community, FFG, Karnstein, Licensed).


Game systems, rules, and procedures.

Karnstein’s Krunch

Revised Rules


Game data for species, careers, specializations, skills, talents, abilities, powers, gear, vehicles, modifications, and adversaries.

FFG Stats

Player Character Careers List

Player Character Species List

Notes on Skills

Karnstein’s Stats

New Actions, Maneuvers, and Skills

New Talents and Abilities


Descriptions of the people, places, and things in our campaign, including their appearances, circumstances, details, histories, issues, and lore.

Karnstein’s Fluff

Character Gallery

Group Starship


Ship Duties

Licensed Fluff

Sector Maps


Additional tools & materials.

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